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How can C2 Energy help you secure a winning and profitable project?

Strategic Partnerships

Renewable energy solutions

for developers & strategic partners

C2 Energy is your leader in renewable energy development through meaningful, strategic partnerships built to last. Solar developers may often be faced with unexpected challenges throughout their development cycle. C2 Energy's team can provide their industry expertise and knowledge to overcome obstacles before they arise. 

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Develop and Finance with Confidence

Your hard work deserves a trusted partner

  • Work directly with the long term owners of the project.

  • No flipping. Your payoff will not be dependent on its resale.

  • Secure financing early in the project's life cycle to avoid pitfalls.

  • Special Situations Call for a Special Team.

Maximize The Profitability of Your Projects

Improving your bottom line

  • Focus on long-term relationships, not one-off transactions.


  • Lean on our team of experts to identify areas of economic improvement.

  • Value-added services deliver optimized acquisition fee.

  • Our team has seen its share of challenged projects; turn "out of the money" projects into positive investments.

  • Expert O&M and Asset Management teams reduce your project's OPEX, further improving project economics.

Flexibility Where It Matters
Project finance solutions for all your projects
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Project Stage:
We can support you at any stage of the process from project proposal/RFP response through project development and construction.
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Target Markets:
The entire US market including Puerto Rico.
Project Size Icon.png
Project Size:
500 kW - 100 MW+;
sub 500 kW if part of a larger portfolio
Contract Structure Icon.png
Contract Structure:
• Community Solar
• Leases 
• PPAs 
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• Brownfields

• Landfills

• Floating solar

• Storage

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• Public
• Private 
• Non-profit
• Non-credit- rated entities

Standardized Process Delivering Transparency and Speed to Close

Less bureaucracy and decision-makers get you paid quicker.

  • Our internal team is responsible for all investment decisions.

  • No multi-stage investment committee process.

  • Flat organization expedites transaction decision making.

  • Dedicated team to support project due diligence.

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Your Project Approval Process
Project Approval Process 1.jpg

Value-Adding Partnership

We bring more than financing to the table

  • Not afraid to get hands dirty. Let us help drive your project to the finish line.

  • Our in-house experts are available to support legal, finance, engineering, construction challenges.

  • Support is available throughout the process, from project proposal and RFP response through project development and construction.

  • As a project partner and potential long term owner, our interests are aligned to optimize performance and expedite build schedule: We don't make money until you do.

Let's build a partnership that lasts

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