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Blackville II - Blackville, SC

Blackville II - Blackville, SC

28 MW

Blackville II Solar is a 28 MW grid-connected solar project utilizing over 85,000 crystalline modules, supplying power to the local utility under a long-term PPA. The project is forecast to generate nearly 50 million kWh in its first year of production, which would represent an offset to Carbon Dioxide emissions from the annual miles driven by over 7,400 passenger cars, or represent the emissions from nearly 85.5 million miles of driving by a single automobile. That amount of power also would equate to the energy consumption of nearly 4,200 average US households, and the amount of carbon sequestered by over 41,000 acres of forest.



kilowatt-hours of
carbon-free electricity



passenger cars
annual usage

Equivalent to


American household's
annual energy needs

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