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City of San Rafael Completes Third Solar Project

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As posted on Utility Dive

City of San Rafael Completes Third Solar Project $35,000 per Year Savings Estimated

San Rafael, CA -- The City of San Rafael has completed its third municipal solar project as part of an initiative to reduce emissions and boost renewable energy sources. The latest project, the 3rd & C Street Garage (152.8 kW) (pictured below), will realize an annual greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) of 98 tons. The other two completed municipal projects are the Albert J. Boro Community Center on Canal Street (117 kW), and the Public Works facility on Morphew Street (170.8 kW). The three installations combined are estimated to save the City $35,000 in the first year alone.

The San Rafael Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) lays out the goals and implementation plan for achieving a 25% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) by 2020, and an ambitious 80% reduction by 2050 to meet state targets. “These municipal solar projects help the City meet its emission reduction goals for our municipal operations,” says City Sustainability and Volunteer Program Coordinator Cory Bytof. “Hopefully, through setting an example, other businesses and residents will take action to help us meet our larger community-wide goals and save money in the process. Folks can learn more about what they can do on our Sustainability web page.”

San Rafael and 6 public agencies in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties banded together to bring more solar power to the region through participation in a collaborative procurement program. The SEED Fund is implemented by San Rafael’s Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) and its partner, Optony, Inc of Santa Clara. The program was supported by the California Solar Initiative’s (CSI) Research Design & Development Program. San Rafael was the lead agency in the procurement process.

SolEd Benefit Corp of San Rafael provided Solar Power Purchase Agreements for solar installations the three solar sites. Danlin Corp Solar, also of San Rafael, provided engineering and construction of these solar facilities. Nearly 70% of the electricity used for these municipal buildings comes from renewable solar power, and the city is saving money vs the utility cost of energy.

“We’re grateful to have worked with the many entities involved to bring this project to a successful conclusion,” said Richard Dovere, Managing Member of C2 Energy Capital. “The region has an ambitious program to reduce emissions, save money, and increase sources of renewable energy. We’re happy to play a role in bringing the resources together for public agencies to achieve their admirable energy reduction goals.”

About C2 Energy Capital

C2 Energy Capital, based in New York, is a leading financier and developer of distributed generation (DG) projects for municipalities, businesses, and private developers throughout the U.S. C2 Energy has the expertise, extensive network of developer relationships, regulatory knowledge, and access to capital that enables it to execute large-scale, complex transactions.

About Danlin Solar

Danlin Solar, also based in San Rafael, is the solar installations and integration division of Danlin Corporation, a construction and consulting business with an emphasis in renewable energy since 1989.

About Optony Inc.

Optony Inc. is a global energy planning, research, and consulting firm, based in Silicon Valley, focused on empowering government and commercial organizations to implement policies, programs, and projects that bridge the gap between clean energy goals and real-world results.

About SolEd Benefit Corp

SolEd Benefit Corp, based in San Rafael, California, was formed with a mission to provide below market energy solutions for public agencies and public good organizations. SolEd leverages modern financial tools for the primary benefit of our customers. For more information see

About Strategic Energy Innovations

Strategic Energy Innovations is a non-profit organization established in San Rafael in 1997, committed to actions that sustain our planet. SEI offers a broad spectrum of sustainability services to support communities as they design and pursue innovative approaches that leverage clean energy and resource efficiency while building local economies and a trained workforce.

For more information, see the SEED Fund North Bay website:

Contact: Cory Bytof,

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