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Edison High School - Minneapolis, MN

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Edison High School - Minneapolis, MN

0.5 MW

The Edison High School Solar Energy and Sustainability Plaza project is located in Minneapolis, MN, and is almost 0.5 MWs. The system is estimated to produce 601,400 kWh of power annually and offsets more than 399 metric tons of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent that a forest of 2,115 trees would sequester annually.


Edison High School is a part of the Minneapolis Public School District. The school solar and sustainability plaza project has won the Smart Energy Decisions Award and was named Hall of Fame Finalists for Outstanding Project in the 2020 International Smarter E Awards.



kilowatt-hours of

carbon-free electricity




metric tons of CO2

emissions per year

Equivalent to


American household's

annual energy needs

Download the PDF below to learn more.

How Thomas Edison High School Became a M
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