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C2 Energy Capitalご紹介

C2 Energy Capital, LLCは再生可能エネルギーとストレージ資産 我々は主だった投資家の資金を運用する2014年に設立されたSEC登録投資顧問です。C2 Energy Capitalの豊かな経験を持つ経営者チームは長期的なリレーションシップ構築に対する不動のコミットメントでディベロッパー、ベンダー、電力購入者と協力体制を構築し、クオリティーの高い発電所を安定的に完工します。 (重要な免責事項).

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We understand that development is a local business, driven by relationships and on-the-ground knowledge. 

As industry veterans, we also know that the extended development cycle puts pressure on day-to-day cash flow needs. 

That's why C2 Energy Capital launched the Developer-in-Residence ("DiR") program. Participants in the DiR program are eligible to maintain autonomy while benefiting from the financial support of C2 Energy Capital for development expenses, including land option, engineering, and interconnection costs, as well as eligible overhead expenses. 

To learn more about the DiR program, please click on the box below and tell us about your development plans.